Saturday, December 1, 2007

Thank You Sally!

Today is Saturday, December 1st. Today is pedicure day. Pedicure day means flip-flops. Flip-flops are fine when it is (a) hot and dry, (b) warm and rainy, (c) cold and rainy, but (d) snowy? This is what hit upon us this morning.Well, I left the house with my wool socks and fur lined shoes on ... nice warm feet. I came home in ... you guessed it ... flip flops.

Don't want to ruin the pretty toes.

Cynthia and I went to the grocery store after our pedicures to pick up some food and other items for some housebound sick friends. Yes, we got some looks. In fact, it was a bit funny.

We then went to Weaving Works so Cynthia could pick up the yarn she has been pondering over for the past 5 weeks, and I could pick up some size 6 Addi lace needles, and buttons for some baby sweaters.

We got looks, but we also got questions, which made it fun. Many women there understood entirely why were running around in a snow storm wearing flip flops. (In case you are wondering, we did have boots, socks, and warm clothing with us.)
I love the snow, especially when it falls on a weekend. It makes everything look pristine and serene. It also muffles traffic noise.

Another reason why we headed out this morning for the pedicures was for me to deliver the Baby Albert sweater I knit for Cyn's granddaughter Eva Rose. It has taken about three months because I needed to find the right yarn and then was detoured when Mom died. Cyn's been so patient.

She loved the sweater and assures me that Eva Rose will love it too. Look how nicely it came out. I used Provence, a lovely 100% mercerized Egyptian Cotton, from Classic Elite Yarns. I made the largest size and used size 8 needles. The pattern is from Sally Melville's The Knit Stitch. Thank you Sally for coming up with this darling pattern. I am thrilled with the way it came out. The yarn washed up beautifully, and it should wear really well.

When I took the commission to make this sweater for Eva Rose I quizzed Cyn about the baby's coloring, her personality, and was she a girly girl or not. I also asked about Eva Rose's mother's fashion preferences. After all, it doesn't do any good to knit something for a baby if the mother doesn't like it.

The little buttons are butterflies because Eva Rose loves butterflies. Aren't these precious?

Yesterday we had the stocking stuffing party at work that Deb and Sandra put together. We had a great turnout and lots of stuff for the stockings. The volunteers stuffed about 300 stockings in about an hour. We had secretaries, paralegals, other staff members, and attorneys all lending a hand. It was wonderful to have such support for a project that is so dear to my heart.
Well, the doggies want to go back outside and play in the snow (except for A.J., he's very content on the couch, thank you very much!). Actually, Edgar wants to go bark at the kids outside playing. Once he realizes it's the neighbor kids playing in the snow, he will want to get back inside where it's warm. He loves his couch!

I guess it really is December, isn't it? Glad my Christmas shopping is all done!


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