Monday, December 3, 2007

The Stockings Have Been Stuffed

We had the stocking stuffing party at our house yesterday and a good time was had for all. We stuffed about 500 stockings. We also got some more stockings bringing up the total to 770 stockings.

Susan brought three more stockings when she came over yesterday to help.

Bitsy drove up last night to deliver her beautiful stockings, along with a bunch of goodies to stuff them with.

Lynne knit her first stocking and did a beautiful job.

We've got stockings in boxes and had enough of the darling cards the girl scouts did for each box.

All of these stockings are beautiful and will be very appreciated.

Even A.J. got involved inspecting the stockings and making sure they were done correctly.

Chiya knows good help when she see it. Hunter was happy to help out. Note that A.J. is busy supervising in the background. Got to make sure the stockings are done right!

A big thank you to Kari, Mike, Chiya, Susan, Katie, Cindy, Hunter and David for all of your help getting these stockings stuffed.

Tonight David and I went through and counted out the stockings and got them packed for shipping this week. We will be shipping out 16 boxes to ten soldiers in all branches of the military. A job well done.

I wrote the letters that go with the boxes, along with the list of contributors.

Meanwhile, the countdown is continuing. 1489 days or 35,736 hours.


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