Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Stockings are on Their Way!

It's cold here, but at least it's not ice. I've been reading about the ice storms in the midwest and they have my prayers and thoughts. We get those ice storms in the Northwest and they are horrible. Stay warm and stay safe.

The final tally is in. We got in 933 stockings, and sent out 17 boxes. The last of the stockings to come in are these:

Melinda sent in a bunch and they were stuffed and packed. And then ...

The Cub Scouts sent in their stockings. There are 115 stockings here, all decorated and stuffed by the Scouts. They are adorable. I've tried to get a close up of some of them ...

One of the stockings says "To all our Troops" and the other says "Happy X Mas". What a wonderful service project for these boys.

Our house was looking like the night before Christmas, except these stockings were stuffed and packed by the chimney with care.

We sent boxes to:

Virginia's son Rick
La Shona's Uncle Jay
Peter's nephew Kainoa
Cathy's son-in law Seth
Brandi's friend Joshua
Lindsey's friend Andrew
Jaclyn's friend Taja
Lynne's cousin Pat
Cindy's son Jer
Our friend Lisa

Thank you to everyone who helped. The knitters, crocheters, semstresses, decorators, stuffers, and packers, and the wonderful folks who provided the items to put into the stockings, and sent in donations for postage. This is truly a labor of love, and a lot of love has gone into it.

Here's the list of everyone involved:


List of Contributors

Annette of Bainbridge Island, Washington
Arlayne of Seattle, Washington
Beth of Bothell, Washington
Betty of Salem, Indiana
Bitsy of Olympia, Washington
Bonnie of Sequim, Washington
Cathy of Seattle, Washington
Christine of Wilmington, North Carolina
Chiya of Bellevue, Washington
Cindy of Renton, Washington
Cub Scout Pack of Shoreline, Washington
Deb of Lake Forest Park, Washington
Deborah of Seattle, Washington
Diana of Lyle, Washington
Dr. Jeff of Bellevue, Washington
Elaine of Seattle, Washington
Emily of Seattle, Washington
Eric of Seattle, Washington
Erlene of Grass Valley, California
Gillian of Lynnwood, Washington
Girl Scout Troop of Seattle, Washington
Grace of Kirkland, Washington
Heather of Mollala, Oregon
Honora of Seattle, Washington
Jaclyn of Lacy, Washington
Jamie of Cincinnati, Ohio
Janell of Canby, Oregon
Janette of Renton, Washington
Jeff of Poulsbo, Washington
Jennifer A. of Issaquah, Washington
Jennifer H. of Seattle, Washington
Jim & Sue of Sherwood, Oregon
Jim of Seattle, Washington
Jody of Seattle, Washington
Joe & Stacy of Bellevue, Washington
Karen of Kirkland, Washington
Kathy of College Place, Washington
Kari & Mike of Bellevue, Washington
Katie of Bellevue, Washington
Katlyn of Washington DC
Kelli of Cheyenne, Wyoming
Kristen of Seattle, Washington
Kristine of Arlington, Washington
La Shona of Seattle, Washington
Linda A. of New York, New York
Linda R. of Springfield, Ohio
Lisa H. of Bellevue, Washington
Lisa M. of Seattle, Washington
Lisa P. of Bellevue, Washington
Lynne of Seattle, Washington
Maggie of Plainfield, Illinois
Marina of Bremerton, Washington
Maryanne of South Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Melanie of Grass Valley, California
Melinda of San Rafael, California
Nancy of Corvallis, Oregon
Patti of Seattle, Washington
Peg of Overland Park, Kansas
Preceptor Alpha Nu Sisters of Beta Sigma Phi, The Dalles, Oregon
Richard of Seattle, Washington
Sam of Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Sandra of Edmonds, Washington
Santa of Seattle, Washington
Sharon of Edmonds, Washington
Steve of Kent, Washington
Sue and David of Bellevue, Washington
Sue of Oakland, Rhode Island
Susan B. of Bellevue, Washington
Susan S. of Kirkland, Washington
Susie of Grass Valley, California
Torero's Restaurant of Bellevue, Washington

What a amazing bunch of people!

Meanwhile, I better get in some knitting updates here.

I finally got the right size knitting needles to start on the shawl from the book Arctic Lace. I truly love this book. Donna Druchunas has written an amazing book, full of history, factual information, and lovely patterns. It was through this book that I was finally able to figure out how to read the lace charts and enjoy it. There are practice lace patterns to learn with and they are fun.

As you can see, the book is well used. I am knitting the Parka Trim Stole and using Jagger Spun's Zephryr in Bottle Green, on size 3 Addi Turbo Lace Needles. This is not a quick knit, but it is a lovely, soothing knit for me. Granted it is a challenge to read the chart and knit with three dogs in my lap, but it is possible. The color is so beautiful, it does remind me of the Douglas Firs in my yard during the winter months, and the touch is so soft and warm, it feels good on the hands. We'll see how long it takes. Don't hold your breath, after all I am knitting with three dogs in my lap.

I've already knit the Skeleton Scarf in Donna's book out of a 60/40 Merino Angora fingering blend from Toots LeBlanc & Co. It is in the natural white color and it's on my neck all winter long. I love, love, love it!

Last week while standing at the bus stop I was privately bitching to myself about how cold my head was. I'm bitching about this in my head when it dawns on me ... "You're a knitter, knit yourself a hat." Maybe the cold wind was freezing the gray matter, who knows, but anyway, I knit myself a hat.

Nothing too exciting about this hat, except it is done, keeps my head warm, and I love the yarn I had stashed away. I used two yarns stranded together. Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Hollyberry, and Artful Yarns Portrait in Color 167. The pattern is a standard stocking hat pattern. I did use size 9 needles to accommodate the yarn, and the hat expert, Susan, suggested the 84 stitches (and who is to argue with the Susan, the hat expert, she knows what she's talking about).

Stay warm and enjoy the season.


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