Friday, December 7, 2007

A Weekend Off

I've been absent, because I have been busy. We continue to pack up boxes for Operation Holiday Stockings and are getting started on wrapping them up and labeling them for mailing. I'll have pictures on the next post.

Susan, Cynthia and I are heading over to Edgar's Acres for the weekend. I need to get over there to check out the place after the last storm that came through here. Yes, little Louie is going with me, and Cynthia will be bringing Disney and Bella.

Knitting is the primary theme, of course, along with laughter and a little wine. I already have two knitting projects at Edgar's Acres, and am working on a couple here. What to take, what to plan on working on. And then there are the baby items to work on. Right now my mind is tired so it's hard to think about details in knitting, like what to start next.

Stay warm and dry everyone. Pray for the victims of the recent flooding we have had in SW Washington and NW Oregon.

Catch up with you all later.


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