Sunday, October 24, 2010


Today is David's birthday.  He's hit a milestone birthday at 65.  I love this man so much, and thank God each day for bringing David into my life.  He is my best friend and soul mate, and the Best Dad in the Whole World to Frank and John.  He is always there for his family and friends. 

Last night we had a party for him and we had a wonderful time.  I didn't get any pictures because (1) I forgot to bring out the camera and (2) I forgot to put in the memory card.  I had planned on a grand picture of David in a silly hat while we all had our hands raised in a cheer, but it didn't happen (the silly hand, raised hands and picture). 

Happy Birthday David from all of us, including Edgar, Louie, Johnny and Abby.  They think you are the best person in their lives.

Love you so much!


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