Friday, October 8, 2010

Ready for Winter

When we put up the new house at Edgar's Acres we opted out not to put in a woodstove, with plans to do so later on.  We decided the woodstove was classified as a "cash" purchase rather than a mortgage purchase.  For the past two winters we have been cranking up the electricity to stay warm. 

Well, the money was finally saved up and we ordered our woodstove.  Rumor has it that this winter is going to be a cold one so it was the right time to get the woodstove.

We came over to Edgar's Acres last night because the stove was coming early this morning.

We started with a blank wall at 9:00 a.m.   

At 11:00 this morning we were half way through with the installation. 

 At 1:00 pm we had a woodstove.

At 3:00 we had the second fire going (you start with a small kindling fire, then a kindling and one log fire, then a bit fire) 

Ahh, we did the big fire, and the whole house was a nice toasty 69 degrees.  All set for winter. 

I'm ready.  I've got knitting and heat. 



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