Monday, October 4, 2010

Stupid Bug

I HATE MOSQUITOS, but they love me. As long as I can remember they have zeroed in on me just to suck up my blood (thirsty females) and leave me with bites that itched like fury.

I really hate the blood sucking females. Because of one bite, I have been out of commission for almost a week. Last week I spent three days with my leg elevated with warm compresses. The bite became localized but I ended up with a bug bite gone bad. I was able to do some work from home, and over the weekend Susan came over to Edgar's Acres to help out with the harvesting and processing of produce from our garden (thank you Susan). My doctor put me on antibiotics last Friday and things were going well until yesterday evening. I had a bad reaction to the antibiotics for the bad bug bite. I seem to be reacting badly to things lately.

Again I had to stay home and tried to work remotely. Notice I said "tried." The internet connection kept cutting out on me, and Abby finally said "enough is enough." She told me to go take a break and rest, in her very persuasive manner.
"The connection is cut. Quit."

"And you say I'm stubborn. Quit, the Internet is down. You're staring at a frozen page."

"What more do I have to do. Stop Woman!"

Abby won. I went into the other room and knit a bit on a very, long overdue baby present. I can't show pictures yet, but I will say the final project is going to be cute.

Stupid Bug!



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