Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Daughter's Day

Happy Daughter's Day to all of you adult daughters who have been there for your families and your parents. We thank you for who you are, and appreciate what you have done, or are doing, or will be doing, to take care of your aging parents. You are awesome. I would have posted some links for Daughter's Day but couldn't find anything that honors daughters in the way we should be honored. I did find a link for "Daughter for a Day" which is a in-home service for the elderly.

Susan and I spent Daughter's Day harvesting and preserving food from the garden at Edgar's Acres. The garden is beautiful in the fall, with the fall colors, which provide a brilliant contrast when the sun is out, and even when it isn't. In the garden this year we have a "focal point." Totally unplanned. It's a Swiss Chard plant that sprouted early this Spring that I just let grow basically to just see what it would do.

We won't be harvesting that plant, it's huge and I am sure very tough and bitter. It's beautiful though with the scarlet stems and deep green leaves.

We started out this morning thinking we would be picking zuchinni and maybe some beans and broccoli. Well, we kept picking and picking and ended up with (as Susan put it) an embarrassing amount of produce.

We got Arikara Yellow Shelling Beans, russett baking potatoes, swiss chard (from a much smaller plant), pak choy, little Patty Pan yellow squash (which sell for about $6.99 a pound at the grocery store), Blue Lake Bush Beans, spinach, zuchinni, broccoli, beets and beet greens, and finally strawberries. We spent three hours cleaning, blanching, chilling and freezing most of this produce and we will be eating good this winter.

Now is the time to listen to the dryer dry clothes and sit and knit, while David is reading the newspaper to Johnny.



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