Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm trying not to panic

David and I have been busy communicating with the Family Resource representative at Fort Lewis. Since we first contacted them we have received numerous requests for stockings.

The requests are coming from and/or on behalf of the smaller units. We were told that the smaller units (some as small as 5 in the med corps.) are the units that are overlooked and don't receive anything over the holidays.

The requests coming from the commanding officers are so kind. It's their soldiers they care about. One officer has six medical units out in the field and he wanted to know if we could include these brave soldiers. Of course, we said yes.

I have received two requests from wives asking if we could put their husbands' unit on our list. Of course, we said yes.

One of our knitters has a nephew in Iraq, and of course, he is on our list.

In other words, we don't say no. We especially don't say no to the units that probably won't be included on another list.

Because we aren't saying no, we are now up to 850 soldiers to send stockings too.

I'm trying not to panic. I know for a fact a lot of stockings are coming in. I also know that knitters, crocheters, seamstresses, and anyone decorating stockings are coming through for these soldiers. They will not let them down.

I also know that the goodies for the stockings are coming, and we will be able to collect enough cash for the postage. So far we have $300.00, and the usual cost is around $1,000.00.

For all of you who pray, ... PRAY. Pray we can again make our goal so these soldiers know we care, and so the soldiers will have something from home for their holidays.

I am a very fortunate woman. Through this Operation Holiday Stockings I have gotten to know so many wonderful, warm, and giving people. Many of these dear people I have never met personally, only "electronically." I have seen the power of women to get a job done, a job done based solely on love.

If you need my mailing address please email me at ramsddjATaolDOTcom.

This coming Friday, Deb and Sandra have a stocking stuffing party planned at work. These two are tireless with this project, and have been since the very beginning. Thanks Deb and Sandra, you are gems, and I am so grateful for your support and hard work.

Well, off to update the Yahoo groups, and to send out emails to interested parties.



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