Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Stockings Keep Coming In!

The table is filling up, and this doesn't include the 400+ stockings done last Friday, and in bags waiting to be shipped. Sandra and her family decorated this beautiful group of stockings.
Debbie and her kids decorated some too, and they are so cute, and will be a big hit!
Diana M. sent these beautiful stockings this year. She would have knit more but her newest rescue pup thinks she should be holding him whenever she has a chance to sit.
My cousin Sam was busy again this year. Here are the darling stockings she crocheted for OHS.
The ladies of the service sorority Preceptor Alpha Nu of Beta Sigma Phi made these stockings and stuffed them. They also sent a LOT of beef jerky to send in each box.
Susan B. was busy knitting this year, and of course, added her personal touch to knit these beautiful stockings.
Lindalea of the ESKG knit these beauties for OHS.
I have received more and will post pictures later this week.

So far we have 860 stockings, and $1065.00 for postage and goodies. Right now we have a list of 888 soldiers, and I got a message from Fort Lewis asking if we can add some more smaller units. The answer, of course, will be yes. I'll let you all know how many when I find out. We have enough candy canes, but still need lip balm and personal care items.

The big stocking stuffing party will be on the 29th and then the packing and shipping begins.

Well, off to knit some more stockings. Thanks again to ALL of you who are participating this year. Our soldiers appreciate it.




  1. Sue,

    Great update for the new stocking that you have received. I know you want say no to any requests for stockings.

  2. Mr. Amonymous just relayed to me that he meant to say "I know you WON'T say no to any requests for stockings." It's okay, Mr. A, it's Friday.