Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Latest on OHS 2008

We are heading to the end of this wonderful project for 2008. We have 965 soldiers at this count for whom we will be sending stockings to. So far we have gathered together 925 stockings with more coming in so that is covered (WOO HOO!!!!). We have received $1143 in donations so I think postage will be covered, but we may need to use some of the cash for more stuff to put into the stockings. We won't know that until the stocking stuffing party on the 29th.Ricardo from Ricardo's Terero Restaurant again donated mints for the project. These are chocolate mints and really, really good.
Elaine has been crocheting and sent in these beautiful stockings!
Nadine continues to be sewing up a storm making more stockings for us.
Cathi too continues to keep her sewing machine busy. Both ladies have told me to let them know if they need to sew some more. What wonderful ladies. Both have had a son deployed in Iraq, and are so grateful to have them him safe.

Even as crappy as I feel today (as of 3:58 a.m. yesterday, I've been sick with the bug, so much for a day off from work), I am full of the love and support from everyone who is participating in Operation Holiday Stockings 2008.

Well, I think I will go knit something really simple today. I think that is all my head can handle.



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