Sunday, November 16, 2008

Update on OHS 2008 and Everything Else that's Going on Right Now

What a Week! The best part of this week was Friday. Deb and Sandra put together a stocking stuffing party for Operation Holiday Stockings 2008. It was held at work, and what a turn out. We started the day with opening up boxes and sacks full of stockings and items to go into the stockings.

This table full of stockings was done by a friend of Sandra's that has become a wonderful work horse for OHS 2008. Unfortunately I don't have her name right now but will follow up on that so we can say THANK YOU. She has been contacting various hotels downtown and sent a huge box of lotions from the Mayflower Park Hotel.
Barb and her grandsons got started on decorate some stockings for OHS 2008.
Ann knit up these beautiful stockings for us.

Cathi continues to knit and now is sewing up felt stockings for OHS 2008.

Melinda sent her package of stockings to me at work so we had those to include for the stuffing party. She is again working overtime on the sewing machine to send us these beautiful stockings!

At noon on Friday 14 women gathered in the conference room and started stuffing these stockings.
What a crew!!!! In 30 minutes they stuffed 440 stockings. THANK YOU!!!

Aren't these women beautiful? Look at the love and joy. I love each and everyone of them. Deb and Sandra are on the right. Deb's wearing the gray sweater and Sandra is wearing the brown. Thanks you two for putting this party together.

Yesterday David and I loaded up the dogs and went over to Edgar's Acres to check up on the new house. It was great. We found SUN and it was warm.
I was walking around the house looking through the windows. The carpet guy was there so he opened up one of the doors so I could peek inside (my feet were way too muddy to even think about going in). This is the view from the sun room looking toward my kitchen.
This is the sun room.
The mountains of dirt have been regraded back around the house so I could finally see what the front looks like.
I can hardly wait to get started on the front porch and flower beds.

This is the view from the side of the master beadroom. We will be putting a deck in this area, and it will wrap around the back, to the other side of the sun room.

The covered porch will be on this side.

The house is really shaping up nicely, which is more than we can say for the garden right now.

Wednesday night we had a rain and wind storm, and yes, we did get some damage. We have been very fortunate in the past, and we really did get off easy considering the flood damage many suffered from this storm.

We have to get a new roof. Stuff is now out of the closet in the office so they can access the attic, and
out of my closet since this is where I discovered the leak. Right now I have shoes and clothes all over the place. I went to put on a pair of shoes on Friday and could only locate one, so am wearing basically the same pair I've been wearing for the past few days.

We forgot to close the deck umbrella so now we are left with this. David is working on a plan to use this frame for pole beans next year.

Well, the sun is out and the dogs are in, so we are heading out to play.



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