Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back to Reality

Yesterday was our first day back from vacation, and even though our jobs were pretty stress free, the reality of our surroundings was a shock to our systems.
It's a good thing we weren't at Edgar's Acres for another week. The return may have been too much for us to handle.

It's much warmer here in Seattle, and the air smells heavy. The air in Sequim is so clear and sweet. The air in Seattle is old, and all the smells of city life are lingering.
While having my coffee in the morning on the courtyard at the building where I work I missed the cheery sound of the goldfinches, and instead heard the sound of jackhammers and heavy equipment on the street next to us.
Last night David and I had an appointment to see Marlaina to get our hairs cut. David left the house at 4:00 to come downtown to pick me up. It took him 2.5 hours because of a 7 car wreak on the I-405 floating bridge. Believe it or not, I didn't have any knitting with me so I spent the time going through the library and checking out exactly what Bartells carries.
The temperature is hot here. In the high 80s, while in Sequim the temperature is in the high 70s. We also had to put up with humidity yesterday evening. Ugh!

At least I have my pictures.
There is one big plus to being back to reality. We're back home with Abby and we missed her, and she missed us.

Well, off to work!



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