Friday, July 10, 2009

A Lovely Day Overall

Well, Louie let me sleep in until 5:30 a.m., so I didn't get to see the owl again. I did, however, got to watch a beautiful morning wake up. By 7:00 I was out working in the yard cleaning around the shrubs, all 19 of them. They were weeded, trimmed, fed and watered, and are all happy shrubs now. I spent about a total of 9 hours yesterday and today working on them and am pleased with the results. Too bad I can't post a picture today. By 1:00 this afternoon I was done so had lunch, showered, and spent the afternoon knitting, and walking about the yard.

This evening Leslie and I went to 7 Cedars Casino for dinner, and $20.00 worth of slot machine effort. Again, another fun evening. The dinner and company were great. The $20.00, a donation to the Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe. There are seven cedar totem poles outside the casino and they are so beautiful. I tried to find a picture to post but couldn't, which is too bad. Each one is hand carved by an elder craftsman, with the help of younger tribal members learning the art of totem carving. Each totem pole has a story based on the faces and the order they are shown from the bottom to top. There is a book written about the totem poles of the S'Klallam Tribe and I looked for it at the gift shop. Unfortunately, they were out at this time.

Tomorrow morning Leslie and I are doing a tour of the lavendar farms (a week before the Lavendar Festival). I haven't been to any of them so I'm looking forward to it. In the afternoon I'm picking my first batch of raspberries. Yum!

Well, I'm tired, the dogs are tired, and it is finally dark enough to go to bed.



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