Saturday, July 11, 2009

Greetings from the Lavender Capital of the World

Leslie and I went on a tour of lavender fields BEFORE the Lavender Festival kicks off next weekend. The weather was clear and warm, and the lavender fields beautiful. First stop was to see Leslie's friend, Mary, at her farm, the Olympic Lavender Farm.

Her farm is charming and so welcoming. Mary is a delight and I enjoyed meeting her and visiting with her as well. I bought three plants for the friendship garden (seemed appropriate, Mary being Leslie's friend), one being the Royal Velvet that I love so much.
What a view with the Olympic Mountain Range in the background.
Next stop was Jardin Du Soleil Lavender with an amazing panaromic view of Lavender.
Then on to Cedarbrook Lavender & Herb Farm. The gardens were peaceful, and I love this farm house.
Last farm we visited was Purple Haze Lavender Farm. Another beautiful farm. By the time we got to Purple Haze, however, it was warming up and the scent of lavendar was driving my poor little nose crazy.

Look at the three varieties of lavender in this field. It really is beautiful, and even though my photographer (thanks again Leslie for taking pictures with your camera for me) took outstanding photos, they just can't capture the color of the lavender in all of the fields in the pristine sunshine in Sequim.
After lunch, it was back home and tell the doggies all about the morning. They could smell the lavender that I had brushed up against going in and out of the various gift shops.

After they decided it was really me through all of that lavender, I mowed part of the back 40, decided it was too dang hot to do more, cleaned up and knit for the rest of the afternoon.

Funny, but as I'm writing this post, I'm smelling lavender.



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