Monday, July 6, 2009

I Wish I Had Remembered My Camera

Today was another busy day at Edgar's Acres. Got some knitting done, and will be doing some more. Still knitting on baby knitting. I've got three babies to knit for. One was born on July 3. Nolan Patrick, another Jersey boy. I'd post a picture of the knitting except (1) I forgot my camera, and (2) I want the baby boy to be surprised when he sees it. I received a report that this is a very smart baby because he said "Susie" already. Love him.

This morning we had a LOUD thunder storm which sent all three dogs in my lap. Edgar was pretty cool about it but Louie and Johnny were shaking like little leaves. I would just get them calmed down when we had another LOUD clash of thunder.

This afternoon David finished my garden work station and I love it. David asked if I liked it and I told him it was so beautiful I could cry. Again, I can't post a picture, but wish I could. Now I can clean my garden produce outside and keep all of the dirt and yuck outside where it belongs. Thanks David. I love it!!!!!

After that we helped Leslie trim back some trees along the property line. She is such a wonderful neighbor, and a very good friend. Now the garden will get some more sun, and both of us won't get slapped in the face by fir trees when we are mowing the law.

Tonight we are just hunkering down for the evening. It's a little chilly and windy. It will be a good night for knitting.

One final note --- I love being on vacation.



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