Monday, July 13, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

I'm on vacation so it's not supposed to be raining. The rain storm moved in on Saturday night with a bang, literally. We had thunder and lightning all night long. The dogs finally wanted in their crates, where they felt safe. They went to sleep (as well as they could), so I went to sleep (as well as I could).

Yesterday it really didn't rain much, but we sure did have a continuous stream of drizzle. And it was cold. We didn't get out too much. I did have a surprise visit from Cliff and Michelle, a great couple I worked with while with Small Paws Rescue. They, and their three fluffs, stopped by and we had a nice visit. They are still rescuing and fostering bichons for Small Paws. The little fluffs are lucky people like Cliff and Michelle are there for them.

Last night we actually turned on some heat and the lights early in the evening because it was so dark with rain clouds. It's supposed to be summer!

This morning Louie again got me up at 4:30 a.m. so we could go out and see the barn owl. Well, I couldn't see it because of the dark cloud cover, but I could hear the flap of his wings. Amazing.

David is on his way over to join us for the rest of the week. The doggies and I are excited to have him with us. He's also bringing my camera.

Well, it's a bit chilly so we are all huddled on the couch. Maybe Louie will let me take a short nap. The sun is supposed to return tomorrow.



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