Saturday, July 18, 2009

Busy, Busy

David and the sun arrived on Tuesday and the vacation continues to be wonderful. On Monday I was wearing knitted wool summer socks (which we need in the Pacific Northwest), long jeans and fleece (which we also need), and then on Tuesday changed back into the gardening jeans and tank tops to work in the yard. As you can see, David also brought me my camera. Wednesday morning the dogs and I took a walk about the yard to survey what we had done. The Friendship garden is all cleaned out, and the lavender plants planted.
This is what we call the Acid Lovers Garden. These are the shrubs we moved from the front of the old house last fall before it was moved out. There are a total of 16 of these dear shrubs, and I cleaned, weeded, fed, and watered each one of them. I also chatted with each one to let them know we love having them in our yard and hope that they enjoy their new surroundings. The have responded well and are flourishing.
Here it is ... the garden work station David built for me. I love this. Now I can wash the produce outside and keep the dirt where it belongs in the garden. Until we can get the "plumbing" perfected, I collect the waste water in buckets, and then water the roses in the garden. We are all happier now.
Wednesday night I went to the Ladies of the Elks Bag Auction with Leslie and her mom Ramona. What a fun time. I bid on two bags, one for David and one for me. The bag for David was a brown yard bag with a tag "for the guys." Inside the bag was a tool box, and it was heavy. When I was unwrapping it I was surrounded by the men at the function so they could see what was in the tool box. Beer. Yep, Beer. David was pleased to have a toolbox here at Edgar's Acres. My bag will make a great knitting bag, and it was full of lotions, etc., for the delicate female skin overworked in the garden.

Thursday Marylou and Laurie came to visit and to have dinner. Marylou is Mom's cousin and Laurie her daughter. Instead of trying to figure out if we are "second" cousins or "first cousin twice removed," or whatever, we all call ourselves cousins. What a fun time we had. David roasted a chicken on the grill, and everything else came out of the garden. Laurie is a vegetarian, so was in heaven with the broccoli, beets, carrots, and potatoes and onions. After dinner, we tarried out to the pie cherry tree to pick cherries for Marylou. She loves cherry pie, loves to bake cherry pie, and wanted the cherries. At one point we borrowed Marylou's cane to pull down some branches, but she assured us she was fine, she had the tree to hang on to. It was such a treat to see them again.

Our vacation officially ends tomorrow. To be honest, I hate to go back. This has been such a relaxing and rewarding vacation. It's right up there with our trip last July to visit the Jersey Boys.

Well, it's time to get dressed so we can head up to the lumber yard and grocery before the Lavender Festival traffic hits the streets.



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