Saturday, July 25, 2009


For many years I have wanted to donate hair to Locks of Love. I know many women, and young girls who have had hair loss due to chemo treatments or other medical conditions. Locks of Love has helped many of them by supplying them with wigs. I figured I have hair, it grows pretty quickly, and it hasn't gone gray on me yet, so for the last three years I went from a really, really short cut to this ...
It's interesting how the last six months have been like the last month of pregnancy, lasting forever. Marlaina, my dear friend and hairdresser, has been like a rock in all of this for me, styling my hair and keeping the ends trimmed so we can get the hair to grow. Thursday night, it was ready!
I had more than the requisite 11 inches so Marlaina put it in a pony tail, and ...

snipped, snipped, snipped, and then it was off.
I was surprised by my reaction. I was so thrilled to see this lock of hair all ready to go, knowing that some little girl would have a beautiful wig on her head.
What a great cut Marlaina gave me, and I feel great. I'm done with the Mother Earth look, I got to donate my hair, and now I look pretty again. Marlaina, thanks for the support, encouragement, and reminders when I wanted to chop the mess off too soon.
Yes, I'm a happy lady now. David's happy too despite the look on his face. I am sure he's glad he doesn't have to look at the scraggly long hair, and listen to me complain about too much hair, and too much hot weather. Thanks David for going along with me on this crazy idea.



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