Sunday, July 5, 2009


I'm on a 17 day vacation at Edgar's Acres. The intention is to keep current on my blog since I've been too busy or too tired to check in. My vacation consists of gardening, knitting, reading, visiting, and just plain resting. No TV, no newspaper, and no stress. I do have the internet to keep up on REALLY BIG NEWS.

On Friday, Gov. Sarah Palin announces her resignation to "pursue the bigger picture." Whatever that may be. I've not been too impressed with the Tina Fey look alike from day one, but I read today that Sarah is using Facebook as her political forum to announce her "higher calling." Facebook? You've got to be kidding. Next thing I'll read is where she is solicitating campaign funds via Craig's List.

Back to Edgar's Acres. I brought lots of knitting with me. I'm still working on socks and baby items. I also brought a sweater I started last summer and hope to finish this summer. Pictures? I forgot my camera. David is heading back to Bellevue on Tuesday and will return on the weekend, with the camera.

Too bad I forgot the camera too. Susan and I harvested cabbage, brocolli, onions, lettuce and potatoes this morning for her to take back with her. She said she likes the exchange of weeding labor for fresh produce. We've been eating good all weekend too, with the fresh produce, and great meat from Sunny Farms.

Today the dogs are so tired they're letting me comb the sticky seeds and weed burrs out of their fur. It's a bit windy today so Edgar's hiding under the end table.

Facebook ... I just can't believe it. Sarah, just what in the world are you thinking?



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