Thursday, November 15, 2007

Am I Missing Something Here?

Everyone once in a while I see or hear of something that really doesn't make any sense to me.

I have noticed over the past several years a rash of new signs on the freeway. You know, the interstate highways, like I-5 and I-90. These are highways of 4-10 lanes of traffic with express lanes in some of these highways.

These signs are this:

Okay. If you are parked on the freeway, wouldn't it be because you need to be towed away? If I end up having to park on the freeway, in the NO PARKING ZONE, I'm hoping a tow truck comes along and gets me and my car the hell out of there and to a friendly service station.

The other thing I can't quite understand are these mobile billboards. I keep reading about global warming and how the carbon monoxide from our beloved automobiles are heating up the environment. If that's the case (and I don't doubt the love affair we have with cars is a contributing factor to global warming), then why are these mobile billboards everywhere?

Anyone living in a large city has seen them. Anyone taking a bus home (to conserve energy wastes being released into the environment) has seen them. They are like rabbits, they are breeding everywhere, on the city streets and highways. They are also another distraction while driving. After all, we have to read what the billboard is telling us.

Yesterday there was a mobile billboard parked in front of our building in the "PASSENGER LOADING ZONE ONLY" for over an hour, with its engine running, farting out bad exhaust. When it was time for the carpoolers to wait for their ride, the PASSENGER LOADING ZONE ONLY was duly occupied by this mobile billboard. We ended up getting into the vehicles picking us up in the middle of traffic. I understand free enterprise, but really now, is this sending a message or what.

I've been an avid environmentalist all of my life and it breaks my heart to see what is happening to our planet. Am I the only one disturbed by the emergence of these mobile billboards? I wonder what Lady Bird Johnson would have to say about them.

Okay, enought said (there is a story with the "enought"). Debbie knows.


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