Saturday, November 3, 2007

Operation Holiday Stockings 2007 is in Full Swing

Operation Holiday Stockings Final Collection for 2006

Yes, OHS 2007 is still on. Yes, we still need stockings. Yes, I still need addresses for the soldiers to send the stockings to. You can email it to me at ramsddj at aol dot com.

We have about 80 stockings and they are starting to come in in groups of 5-10 stockings each.

Donations of stocking stuffers and money for postage is always welcome!

If you are in the Bellevue area and want to help stuff the stockings the Saturday after Thanksgiving, let me know.

I have returned from my period of whatever. If you are reading my blog (, you will know that I have had several changes in my life lately, the biggest was the passing of my Mom. It has taken a bit of time to get back into the mode of things.

This year I am dedicating this project in Mom's memory because she thought the OHS project was wonderful, and was a big supporter, even if she never made a stocking.

Sandy's son is being deployed to Afghanistan and needs our love and prayers. Virginia's son is currently somewhere in Afghanistan and we are praying for his safety. LaShona's uncle is in Iraq and we are praying for him as well. All of these brave soldiers will be receiving our stockings of love, support and prayers for the holidays.

I know we will get a bunch of stockings for our soldiers. Each one of you will see to that.

You know where I am and how to reach me. I will respond in a timely fashion now.

Thanks for your patience while I took my time to grieve and collect my inner self.


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