Sunday, November 25, 2007

More Stockings!

I received 13 more stockings from Kristine yesterday bringing our total up to 611. I'm going to take in several hundred to work on Friday because Deb and Sandra are putting together a stocking stuffing party to help out. I am anticipating receiving a couple hundred more this week. I know there are two ladies still crocheting away on stockings, and one cub scout pack putting together about 100.

We will be stuffing stockings here at the house on Sunday, December 2. We postponed it by one week because Thanksgiving was early this year and we still are waiting for stockings.

All of the stockings we have received are so beautiful and each one carries a message of love and support. I had someone ask me last week why we were doing these stockings again this year. The comment was "aren't you just tired of this war?" I response was "this is about the soldiers that won't be home for the holidays, no politics."

So far we will be sending stockings to:

Virginia's son Rick

La Shona's uncle Jay

Cindy's son Jer

Our friend Lt. Lisa

and Peter's nephew Kainoa

We need to let these young people know we think about them and that they are included in our prayers.

Again, if you know of anyone who should receive stockings this year, please email me at ramsddj at aol dot com.

Thank you again to all of you who have provided stockings, items for the stockings, and cash for postage. God will truly bless you!


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