Monday, November 5, 2007

The Stockings are Coming In!

The tomatoes and all of the canning equipment are gone. The table is ready for socks for Operation Holiday Stockings 2007. Lots of room there. Last year we had over 1700 stockings stacked on that table.We are off to a good start. I had received some stockings earlier in the year, and I am now receiving them in a nice even flow. Here's Deborah W's socks that she knit with the OHS stocking pattern.

These are Linda R's stockings, again using the OHS stocking pattern.

Diana M. gave me these stockings at the Bichon Bash in August. She also used the OHS stocking pattern.

Here are Bonnie M's stockings. For the past two years Bonnie crocheted her stockings. This year she knit her stockings using our pattern, and did a beautiful job.

We currently have 100 stockings that have been donated. We are on our way!

I went to the dentist today with a very painful tooth. Well, it is an absessed tooth alright, but not absessed badly enough for a root canal.

My dentist started out by saying that he was 100% certain I had an absess when looking at the xray. Then he got the xray on the light screen, and he was 90%. He numbed up my mouth and started drilling and then just stopped. I thought he was going to tell me I had another calcified root (another story). Nope. The tooth didn't stink. The odds went down to 60-80%. Apparently there is an odor with an absess, and I have a nice smelling tooth. First time I realized a dentist practiced dentistry with the sense of smell.

Well, we've got to try and save the tooth. Saturday my tooth was a gross mess so I started taking antibiotics. Apparently the antibiotics are doing the job. I go back in a month to have the "comfort filling" taken off of the tooth and either get a root canal, or a permanent filling. I'm pushing for the permanent filling. Even though I love my dentist, I hate having my teeth done.

On another note ...


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