Monday, November 12, 2007

We Are Up to 347!

The stockings continue to come in. We now have 347 stockings for OHS 2007! There's still plenty of room on this table. It seats 10 and last year we managed to pile on over 1700 stockings.
Here is what my cousin Sam and her granddaughter Katlyn sent. They made 100 felt stockings that Katlyn sewed together and then decorated. Aren't they cute. It's nice to have children involved, it means a lot to the soldiers to know a child made a stocking for them. Sam has been a major supporter of OHS from day one. She too has a son in the Army, Captain Keith.

Nancy sent in these beautiful stockings. This year she purchased her stockings because she was so short of time and wanted to make sure we had her contribution. Thanks Nancy for participating again this year! It means a lot.

The Santa stocking with the red floppy hat on the left reminds me of our baby bichon Johnny. Little face, lots of fluff.

We have also received $160.00 for postage which is very much appreciated as well. Last year postage was over a $1000.00, but well worth every penny.

We have also received donations of personal care items, which people have been collecting when they travel. Here is a list of items that we need for stocking stuffers

Chap stick®
Shampoo samples
Hand soaps
Baby wipes
a personal note would be nice too!

From my son Lt. David:

Here's a list of things that soldiers will like to get in the stockings. In addition to the list that Sue (my mom) put up, these are some things that I liked getting while in Iraq:

Hard candy
Beef jerky
Decks of cards
Puzzle books
Small toiletries
Shaving cream
Tooth brushes
Drink powdersGatorade®
Kool-aid® (sugar added)
Crystal Clear®
Iced tea mix
Mixed nuts
Candy Canes
Anything that will last for a while because I'm sure that they will be getting more than one care package.

Hope this helps.

1LT David


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