Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Truth Be Told

My dear friends of OHS 2007.

I recently have had the opportunity to read some letters and emails from soldiers in both Iraq and Afghanistan. These are very brave soldiers that are proud of what they do. They are, however, lonely, miss their loved ones, and talk about low morale.

They feel like forgotten soldiers, and that the country is not behind them anymore.

We really need to send our stockings of love to them.

We are in need of stockings, stocking stuffers, and cash donations for postage and stocking stuffers.

As a mother of an Army soldier, I am proud of what we have done in the past two years, and what we are doing again this year. As we all have said, there are no politics involved in our endeavor, just love for the soldier in harm's way.

Pray for them all.

Thank you for being here, and for all of your support, and participation.


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