Sunday, November 11, 2007

More Stockings!

The stockings are coming in! We are up to 227!
Janell sent in 62 stockings of sample socks she used in her yarn store. Aren't these beautiful. Janell has closed her store and is concentrating now on her fiber business, Fantasy Fibers so she donated all of these stockings made with Opal Yarn to OHS 2007. Janell is one of our first participants in 2005. Janell, and her daughter, Heather, were super knitters the first year for us, and continue to be strong supporters.
Elaine has been busy crocheting stockings for us. These were delivered earlier in the week. She sent in 51 and I guess she is still crocheting away. These are so cute, and each one has a little bell on it. Betty participated last year too.

Diana sent 6 more of her darling stockings. So far she has knit 31 stockings. Diana is the one who made the comment that these stockings were the perfect summer project (See July 12 Blog).

I got these from Betty in yesterday's mail. They are beautiful. Betty has been part of OHS from the very beginning, and a true source of support. The first year Betty was very encouraging and kept telling me we would make our goal.

Thanks ladies for these lovely stockings, and for again participating.


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