Friday, November 23, 2007

Pies and Teddybears

We had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday. It was a day of outstanding food, special friends, good drink, and of course, pies and teddybears.

As I mentioned earlier, we went to the Walshes for Thanksgiving. My assignment was dessert, which was pumpkin and pecan pies. I've made many a pumpkin pie, it was the pecan pie I was worried about. Nothing like making a brand new dessert with an untried recipe and taking it to someone's house for dessert. After all, I do have a reputation to maintain.

I started with the pumpkin pies since I am comfortable with that task.

First of all, lay out all of the ingredients for the pie. Last check to make sure I have what I need before the grocery store closes at noon.

I layed out the ingredients for both pies ... need that comfort level for the new, and untried recipe.

For the pumpkin pie I put the pumpkin, sugar and spices in the bowl, and mixed well with my 25 year old Mixmaster.

After that I mixed together the eggs and half n' half and blended it with the pumpkin mixture.

Until it was all smooth and creamy.

Then I poured the mixture into the two "prepared" pie shells.

I put them in the oven for 50 minutes, and then ...

I went over to the kitchen table to sit, sip and knit.

I should point out that the "sip" portion of the "sit, sip and knit" exercise consisted of coffee (it was 8:00 in the morning after all).

This is the darling teddy bear baby blanket by Crystal Palace. Since I have 8 babies to be knitting for I was anxious to get started on this blanket. I haven't been able to locate the colors I want in the new Merino 5 so I am using Plymouth Yarns Encore. Between the time I had yesterday and the time today I have done one repeat. It's going to be cute.

Anyway, back to the pies.

I love the smell of pumpkin pies baking. It reminds me of Aunt Vera and Marguerite and the many, many Thanksgivings we had at their house in what used to be the "country" in Beaverton, Oregon. The smell of the spices fills the whole house with love and comfort.

These came out really, really nice and made me proud of myself.

Well on to the new and untested pecan pie recipe. Again, I set out all of the ingredients, including the bourbon (since I didn't have rum).

The pecans were sent to us from Louisanna and have been in the freezer for a couple of years. I had David taste test them to make sure they tasted okay since I had no idea what a pecan tasted like. After eating a handful, David declared they were perfect.

In the bowl I put in the Karo Syrup, white sugar, salt, eggs, melted butter, and the bourbon. After that was blended to perfection by the trusty Mixmaster, I used a spoon, and stirred in the pecans. After everthing was mixed up nicely I poured the mixture into the pie shells.

Since I want everyone to see my dirty oven I decided to take this picture. See, I'm not a perfect housekeeper by any means (I know you've been concerned).

Another 40 minutes of sit, sip and knit.

David officially said they looked beautiful and we all enjoyed the smell of whiskey floating through the house.

The pies were a big hit. The pecan pie passed the "I don't think I like pecan pie" test." All of the guys were raving about it, and some even had seconds. I took two and brought back one half. Between the pumpkin and the pecan pies, we ended up bring home one whole pie. Makes me feel good.

We got more stockings today. Two of our stocking ladies have been running their sewing machines.

Kristine sent these 12 stockings and said more are coming. They all have bells on them and so cute.

Melinda made 62 stockings and each one has a holiday card in it. She also sent along donations for postage from her and some of her co-workers.

We now have 598 stockings and $530.00 toward postage and items for the stockings.

You will note that those darling stockings from the Preceptor Alpha Nu Sisters are not on the table. Edgar and his little buddies, Louie, A.J. and Johnny are just too interested in them. Yesterday morning they had a plan. Edgar got one of the stockings down off of the table and spilled the candy cane, bubble gum, and peppermint. That gave each of the doggies a piece of candy/gum to chew. Within 30 minutes we had doggie wommit that smelled like peppermint all over the place, and one dog finally needed help getting the bubble gum out of his mouth and off of his face. They thought it was great fun for a few minutes until the plan backfired on them.

Hummm ... I smell fresh coffee.


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