Sunday, November 4, 2007

DONE - Tomatoes and Sock

The tomatoes are done. I processed 50 pints of tomato sauce which will certainly be enough for David and I until next Fall. The sauce is marvelous if I say so myself. I had to get these tomatoes done and the canning equipment put away so I could move on to Operation Holiday Stockings 2007.I'm lining up the pressure cooker, rings and lids.
Got my clean, sterlized jars and the sauce that I let cook down for three hours.

Isn't the sauce pretty? I'm using pint jars since I am canning portions for just David and I. I used to do everything in quarts when the boys were at home.

These are ready for the lids and rings after I wipe off the jar rim and jars to make sure I get a good seal.

Nine pints all ready to be processed. I've never used the hot water bath method. I've always used my pressure cooker for all of my canning. It makes me feel more secure.

Now to wait for the shuttlecock to start rattling. This pressure cooker has been around for a long, long time. It was Mom's when she was canning and then she gave it to me when I was canning for the whole family. We do have it checked routinely and take very good care of it.

In the meantime, the sock is done. All ready to take off of the needles. I know this may sound upsetting to some knitters, but I use the three needle bind off technique. The Kitchner stitch drives me CRAZY.

There we are, the tomatoes have been processed and are cooling off before I take them out of the pressure cooker. The sock is done.

The strong heel is cool, but I will need to make some minor adjustments on the number of stitches I add so I can get a little tighter fit.

Now on to the second sock (and yes, I have started it and it's halfway done), and OHS 2007.

By the way, is anyone out there?


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