Saturday, November 17, 2007

Knitting and Stockings

We are up to 500 Stockings! However, we still have room on the table. Please don't think we've reached our limit. Right now we have four companies to send stockings to, which is a total of about 1100.
Look what Heather sent in:

She sent in 120 felt stockings, along with candy canes and the cutest little hard candies. These candies have little flags in them.
How cute is that. These are the first candies and canes we have received for our stockings. We've been collecting personal care items and candy to stuff into the stockings. We are still taking contributions. The list is listed on this blog.

MaryAnn sent in these beautiful stockings. You can't see it in this picture, but the green stockings are knit with cables.

Last night we had a sip n' knit at the house. Susan and Cynthia were here, as was Cindy. Cindy has wanted to learn more about knitting, so what better opportunity than to come over for sip n' knit. She is learning how to do circular knitting and make hats. She did a great job getting started and didn't let boo boos frustrate her. Cindy said it's hard to feel frustrated when you are sipping while knitting. It was a good evening of laughing, knitting, and yes a little sipping. I also managed to get a Christmas gift done. That's three gifts done (only one knit).

The dogs had a great time too. Right now they are sleeping in. It's bliss. It's reminds me of those mornings when the boys were little and they slept in. A little peace and quiet for me.

This morning I went out to sit on the deck with my first cup of coffee and it was so quiet and serene. The robins and sparrows are having a feast with the Mountain Ash tree, the berries are ripe now. The hummingbirds are still slurping up the nectare from the fuschias, and the bluejays are busy digging up the peanuts the squirrels buried this past week. It's a pleasant 50+ degrees outside and it's not raining. It's a rare calm November day and such a lovely way to start the day.


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